Win $10,000 in FXB’s National Challenge
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Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - St. Paul $10,000 National Challenge

You’ve completed the 10-Week Challenge in St. Paul. You may have even won the $1,000 Challenge. Now it’s time to build on your amazing momentum.

Any member who has completed our 10-Week Challenge can enroll in our annual Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - St. Paul National Challenge, with an opportunity to win $10,000! The nationwide opportunity challenges FIT members from across all locations to see who has the most dramatic transformation in 12 months, with one man and one woman earning $10,000 each*. You’ve seen and felt what 10 weeks can do, think of the improvement you can make in a year!

And while winning $10,000 is a massive incentive, reaching your goal of a more healthy lifestyle is always the best motivation.

Enrolling in the National Challenge is easy, but you must enroll within 30 days of completing your 10-Week Challenge.

To begin:

  • Click the Register Now button where you will be sent to pay the one-time enrollment fee
  • Supply an explanation of your goals over the course of the 12 months

If you are enrolling in 2020, you'll complete the contest in 2021 and take part in the 2021 National Challenge.

If you think of any questions, notify your Head Coach or Manager in St. Paul, or email us at

*Due to Covid-19 and decreased participation in the contest, only one $10,000 prize will be awarded for the 2021 contest.
Farrell's National Challenge
You've seen real results in only 10 weeks. Now imagine the rewards a year from now. You could be our next National Challenge winner!