Which is Better—Weight Loss or Fat Loss?
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Should I Be Concerned About Losing Weight or Losing Fat?

If you’re thinking about joining a new gym or fitness program in St. Paul, it’s likely that one of your highest priorities is to lose weight. But what does losing weight really involve? Is there a differentiation between losing weight and losing fat?

Weight loss is different from fat loss. It’s critical to be aware of the difference to help you reach your goals. And hold on to them.

Weight Loss

Your body’s total weight includes bones, organs, muscles, fat and water. Losing weight can lead to a smaller number on the scale, but weight loss doesn’t always mean the equivalent of health. If you’re losing weight from your muscles, you won’t get the effect you’re hoping for. And it’s not feasible for a long time.

Why? Muscles are machines that consume fat. Muscle density impacts your metabolic rate, or the rate your body burns calories. The less muscle you have, the fewer calories your body will consume.

Less muscle tissue also brings on lowered absorption of nutrients. When your body can’t correctly pull in the nutrients it requires, it keeps your food as fat deposits, instead of burning the food like fuel. The more muscle your body has, the more calories your body can consume. This even applies when you’re not active.

When you lose weight, you also get rid of water. Your muscles are 70% water and going below that composition brings on dehydration and muscle loss. Ultimately, it could create muscle atrophy, which further reduces your metabolic rate.

Fat Loss

The most accurate measurement for analyzing your body makeup is body fat percentage. Visualize two people. Both have matching height and weight, but one has a smaller body fat percentage.

While both individuals show the same weight on the scale, their internal body fat composition is different. The adult with a smaller amount of body fat will typically be stronger because they have a greater concentration of muscle. Consequently, they’ll need a smaller shirt and pant size as they have a smaller percentage of fat.

So, what’s the smartest method to lose weight? By following strength training to add more muscle while also burning fat. We suggest sticking with a fitness program that you have fun with. HIIT, also known as high intensity interval training, is scientifically proven to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate.

Regardless of which workout program you choose, it’s crucial to fuel with a healthy diet and enough hydration.

Get Rid of the Scale

We encourage you to ditch the scale, as it isn’t a full picture of your body’s composition. When you use it next, check with yourself, does it really matter how much I weigh? Or do you care more about liking the way your clothes look when you get prepared every day?

We want you to think over how your body feels, rather than the digits on a screen. Want to discover more about breaking up with your scale permanently? You can discover more about the healthy lifestyle we teach at FXB St. Paul during your free week. We’ll teach you how you can change yourself—inside and out!

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